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MAP: 110 Freeway 'FasTrak' express lanes take a toll on drivers starting Nov. 10

metro expresslanes

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The rules of the 110 Freeway are set to change late Saturday, Nov. 1o or early Sunday, Nov. 11 when "Metro ExpressLanes" – L.A. County's first toll lanes – opens for your carpooling and solo driving pleasure.

Yes, the 110 Freeway – Los Angeles' great leveler, the concrete quicksand of nihilistic equality where a guy in a spray-painted Louis Vuitton Oldsmobile suffers the same slough as the mogul in a Maserati – will soon have a pay-to-play alternative to the stop-and-go traffic.

The transportation authority's ExpressLanes program is an 11-mile makeover/rebranding of some High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) roadway on the Harbor Freeway, into High Occupany Toll (HOT) lanes. Existing carpool regulations will still apply, but solo drivers willing to pay for privileged access can also use the lanes.