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Fare is fair: End of the line for LA subway 'honor system'

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Photo by Frederick Dennstedt via Flickr Creative Commons

Metro ticket machines at the Hollywood/Highland station in Los Angeles, CA.

Metro will begin locking subway station gates on the Red Line and Purple Line as the transit authority tosses from the train its decades-old policy of "honor system" ticket collection.

L.A. rail-riders will start encountering the locked gates this summer, it was decided Thursday in a vote by the board of directors of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Notes Metro's blog, The Source:

The Metro Board approved the staff plan on locking gates at rail stations and converting ticket machines completely to TAP. In other words, the ticket machines will no longer issue paper tickets with the conversion set to begin in a few more months.

As the Metro staff explains, the gates WILL NOT be locked all at once. Rather, the agency will aim for first locking the gates at the Normandie station on the Purple Line subway in late summer and then subsequently lock the gates in the remainder of the subway stations over the following seven months.


Expo Line: Routes, fees, stations, and more

expo line

Screenshot via

Route of the new Expo Line.


Metro's new Expo Line is a light rail.

Service begins Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free rides on opening day. 

Train travels 8.6-miles from Downtown Los Angeles to Culver City.

Full trip takes under 30 minutes.

Station stops every 12 minutes.

176 pieces of new public art debut will debut in the stations.

Follow the train on Twitter and Facebook (or Blog /Website)


Station stops:

  • 7th / Metro (Shared with Blue Line)
  • Pico (Shared with Blue Line)
  • 23rd Street
  • Jefferson/USC
  • Expo Park/USC
  • Vermont/Expo
  • Western/Expo
  • Crenshaw/Expo
  • Farmdale
  • La Brea/Expo
  • La Cienega/Jefferson
  • Culver City (set to open Summer 2012)


Printables & Resources:

Fact Sheet 
Expo Line Art Guide 
Destination Guide
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