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Hundreds attend memorial for Ashley Ann Caldera, shot dead on her 16th birthday in Fontana park


Ashley Caldera

A huge number of locals came to Mountain View Cemetery in San Bernardino yesterday to bid a final farewell to Ashley Ann Caldera, a Fontana girl shot dead last month while out celebrating her 16th birthday.

According to the San Bernardino Sun, people came by the hundreds on Tuesday, with cars filing in and out of the cemetery all day long and mourners waiting outside the chapel for their turn because it was too full.

Caldera was out with friends celebrating her 16th birthday on the night of May 26. According to police and family members, at about 11 p.m. she was at Northgate Park in Fontana, waiting for another friend to arrive, when someone fired on the group, striking Caldera. The county coroner says she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The girl was just finishing up her sophomore year at Fontana A.B. Miller High School.


Fontana girl shot dead while celebrating her 16th birthday


Ashley Caldera

A Fontana family remains in shock following this weekend’s shooting death of a teenage girl who was out with friends celebrating her 16th birthday.

Ashley Ann Caldera was at Northgate Park in Fontana at about 11 p.m. Saturday night, waiting with the group for another friend to join them. According to the San Bernardino Sun, they had only been there a few minutes when someone fired on the group, striking Caldera and killing her.

The girl was just finishing up her sophomore year at Fontana A.B. Miller High School, the Sun reports.

Fontana police have no suspects in custody at this time. According to the Sun, witnesses saw three Latino males in their late teens or early 20s fleeing the area after gunfire was heard.

Friends and family members are now left mourning the loss. A Facebook page called “R.I.P. Ashley Ann Caldera” has been set up, where loved ones can post pictures of her and write remembrances.


Industrial fire in Fontana consumes pallet and tire yards, causing $2.5 million in damages

San Bernardino County Fire Department

Firefighters sift through the rubble of a wooden pallet company in Fontana on Sunday, May 20, following a huge blaze which completely destroyed the property. The cause remains under investigation.

Of all the things to catch fire, what firefighters don’t want to hear is: wooden pallet yard next to tire center.

Yet that’s exactly what did catch fire Saturday evening in Fontana, and officials now say the resulting conflagration caused an estimated $2.5 million in damages.

The pallet yard -- Pallet Market Inc., located at 14041 Slover Ave. -- was like a gigantic tinderbox, with dry wooden pallets “stacked hundreds high” before the fire spread through them beginning at about 5:30 p.m., officials told the San Bernardino Sun. About 170 firefighters and 25 engine companies took several hours subduing the 10-acre blaze, bringing it under control around 11 p.m.

The two industrial businesses are located near a high school and homes, officials said. A few nearby residents were evacuated, but no one was hurt and no other properties were damaged.