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Big Banker Theory: '1% tip' lunch bill was an Occupy-flavored hoax

receipt hoax

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A heated casserole of caustic comments bubbled up around the edges of the internet yesterday.  A restaurant receipt, showing a $1.33 tip on a charge of $133.54 and a scrawled note to the server that read "get a real job," was passed with outrage around the online table like a 30-person bill at a birthday dinner.

Not surprisingly, the "1% tipper" was a hoax.

The receipt, from the Newport Beach establishment, True Food Kitchen, was posted on a blog called Future Ex-Banker, by an anonymous blogger who claimed to work in a corporate office of a major bank for a boss who supposedly does leave 1% tips and handwritten, unsolicited advice to waitstaff deemed subpar.

Wrote the blogger, "I’ve created this blog as a confessional of sorts. It won’t entirely clear my conscience, but hopefully it’ll help. I’m sure I’ll get fired eventually. Until then, enjoy."