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Google will not muscle Gold's Gym out of its Venice location

gold's gym

Photo via NBC LA

Earlier reports that Google was looking to flex its real estate brawn by kicking out Gold's Gym from its 200,000-square-foot Venice location were proven, "flat wrong," said NBC LA.

The famed gym was never the target of a takeover for office space, said Jordan Newman, manager of corporate communications and public affairs at Google. "We have no plans to expand into Gold's Gym space," he said. "In fact, we are working with them to extend their lease."

Gold's Gym is nearing the end of its current rental agreement, and though Google does not own the building, it has plans to lease the space and then sublease it.

Newman confirms that Google will be renting out the Gold's building in summer 2014, the LA Weekly reports, but does not have plans to move into the bodybuilding basilica. He was not sure how the misinformation occurred.


Google starts April Fools Day early with 8-bit map gag

google maps 8-bit quest map

Screenshot via Google Maps

Welcome to the enchanted land of Los Angeles.

Google's April Fools Day action is the release of an "8-bit Quest Maps" feature to Google Maps. But before you rewind your mind, consider the "upgrade" carefully, jokes Google, as your system "may not meet the requirements for 8-bit computations," notes PC Mag

The NES-esque look isn't just a pretty face either. Google Maps maintains full functionality as you plot your way to the wizard's cauldron. Or to Walgreens.

Have fun storming the castle.