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Are you wearing a racist Halloween costume? Are you sure?

The Superman costume that was worn by Ch

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The Superman costume that was worn by Christopher Reeve in "Superman: The Movie" on display at Profiles In History in Calabasas, northwest of downtown Los Angeles, on July 19, 2012.

Attention, sexy xenophobes! The official worst Halloween trend of 2013 is having to remind people that dressing in blackface is still not acceptable. Even on Halloween. Even always. Even still. It's not OK.

What not to wear

Contributing to this year's cautionary tale of racist costumes is Julianne Hough. Photos emerged Friday night of the actress in blackface, dressed up as the character "Crazy Eyes," played by Uzo Aduba on the Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black." Twitter's version of a prison riot broke out in response to the images, prompting an apology from Hough.

There's a checklist for that

The Daily Dot lays out some sensitivity guidelines for candy season, namely a flabbergasted condemnation of "white people dressing as Trayvon Martin" — noting the added cruelty of "playing a murdered teen."


Goodbye Halloween; Hello 92-foot Christmas tree

christmas tree fashion island

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One day after Halloween, still spooked from the sugar shock of a high-calorie haunting, SoCal shoppers were asked Thursday to digest a 92-foot Christmas tree, and all the gift-wrapped casseroles it implies.

The OC Register reports that 10 workers spent three hours unloading a half-century old white fir for a mall holiday display at Newport Beach's Fashion Island.

The towering tree trekked from Mount Shasta early on Nov. 1 and began the transformation from carbon dioxide-eating conifer into ornamented showpiece.

The OC tree, one of the tallest installations in the country, officially goes up mid-month and will be used for firewood and mulch when it comes down in January.


Gangster convicted of murder for stabbing cops’ son outside La Habra Halloween party

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A gang member was found guilty yesterday of stabbing a young man to death outside a Halloween party in La Habra in 2009.

Steven Salvador Hernandez stabbed 18-year-old Joshua Mora-Rodriguez in the neck with a knife while two co-defendants beat him during an argument outside the La Habra house party on Halloween night. Mora-Rodriguez, the son of two police detectives, bled to death in the street.

A Santa Ana jury found 19-year-old Steven Salvador Hernandez guilty of second-degree murder and “street terrorism” on Thursday, according to Orange County prosecutors.

Prosecutors say Mora-Rodriguez had no gang affiliation, had just graduated from high school, and was preparing to join the Army.

Hernandez faces 15 years to life in state prison.

The two co-defendants have been charged in the crime and are scheduled for trial later this month. The L.A. Times says they are accused of hitting the victim with fists and bats.