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Police: Man murders ex-girlfriend in Simi Valley, dies of heart attack while fleeing in his truck


Police say Paul Porter, left, murdered Janice Somple in her Simi Valley home before dying of a heart attack on Thursday, May 31, 2012.

Police say a 66-year-old Arizona man murdered his long-ago girlfriend, a retired schoolteacher living in Simi Valley, then died of a heart attack while fleeing the scene of the crime.

The poetic justice occurred immediately following the May 31 killing of Janice Somple, a 65-year-old divorcee found beaten and stabbed to death in her home on the 1500 block of Carmen Drive in Simi Valley, NBC reports. Somple had apparently been murdered by Paul Porter -- a Scottsdale man she had dated 15 years previous -- who then got in his truck and drove a mile and a half before having a heart attack and crashing.

The Simi Valley Police Department announced the bizarre series of events during a news conference today. They said Porter’s crashed truck was found near Madera Road and Country Club Drive in the early afternoon last Thursday. Porter, a former Ventura County resident, died soon after in a nearby hospital.