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Open doors, windows lead to rash of burglaries in West LA

open window

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Going out? Might want to lock that thing. Along with school closures, dehydration and flex alerts, the August heatwave is causing a slew of burglaries.

Along with school closures, dehydration and flex alerts, there's another side-effect of L.A.'s ongoing heatwave: a rash of open-window burglaries on the West side. 

The LAPD's Pacific Division saw 18 home burglaries just last week, a higher-than-usual bout that has Captain Brian Johnson blaming the weather.

"We've seen instances where people have been leaving doors and windows open because of the heat," Johnson said.

Over half the burglaries were in homes where entryways were left open. Burglaries are back down slightly this week, but the heat is expected to continue until the weekend.

Johnson says if you can bear it, keep those doors and windows shut — at least while you're out.


No sweat? Show us how photos of how you're surviving #heatwaveLA

egg fry sidewalk

John Rabe

KPCC's John Rabe tries to fry an egg on the asphalt in Northridge where temperatures topped 100 degrees. You can hear if it worked this weekend on Off-Ramp.

With this weekend promising to be the one of the hottest of the year, the revenge of summer will see temperatures dripping into triple digits in some parts of the region. KPCC wants to see what you're seeing and doing as you try to beat the heat. 

Use your phone and start capturing images that show us how. hot. it. is. out. there. We'll be posting your pics on, Instagram, and may even announce your photo on the radio.

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Power rangers: 'Flex Alert' declared to plug energy drain in California

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With the San Onofre nuclear plant on a government mandated time out, a "Flex Alert" has been issued by the managers of California's power grid in an attempt to keep state energy reserves from falling to the point of a Stage 1 Emergency.

On Thursday, California Independent System Operator declared the call for conservation to go into effect Friday through Sunday as the revenge of summer continues. The National Weather Service has warned valley and inland areas to prepare for unwelcomed humidity as the muggy insult to triple-digit-temp injury. 

Around Southern California, cooling centers can be found in Los Angeles CountyVentura CountyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County and by using the Southern California Edison cooling center locator map.


  • set thermostats no cooler than 78 degrees
  • limit large appliance use during peak hours (washing machines, dishwashers)
  • keep drapes and blinds closed to cool off rooms
  • ventilate homes at night and in the early a.m. to allow cool air to circulate
  • limit opening the refrigerator
  • turn off unnecessary lights
  • use ceiling fans or smaller fans instead of air conditioners


Revenge of summer: Cooling centers open late, conservation urged


Photo by woodleywonderworks via Flickr Creative Commons

Overcompensating for the relatively mild June and July, August is continuing its heat assault with temperatures registering monstrous numbers like 118 degrees in some of the region's valley and inland areas.

Southern California Edison, serving an area of nearly 14 million people, is spreading a message of electricity conservation while also readying the number of crews available to respond to possible power outages.

The company said earlier on Wednesday that high electricity use — particularly from air conditioners — was straining distribution equipment, but no power outages had been reported.

Local officials have been preparing for months to handle tight power supplies in light of the tubular trouble at San Onofre nuclear plant that caused a full facility shut down.

Officials at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are also dripping with conservation messages in an effort to prevent strain on the power grid. Earlier Wednesday the utility reported outages in Chatsworth and Harbor City.


Red hot record temps across the Southland


Screenshot via NOAA/NWS

"Oppressive conditions" continue as a triple digit heatwave harbors in Southern California. 

Woodland Hills melted on Monday matching a record high of 108 degrees that was set on Aug 6, 1997. In Ontario, the week started with a toasty 107 degrees that tied the record temp set for the date in 1983.

Punishing high pressure over the region is exepected to push through Thursday keeping temps above 100 degrees in valley areas before a weekend of monsoonal moisture and humidity moves in, according to advisories and forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Can the state's power grid handle the demand for extreme coolness? No sweat, said Stephanie McCorkle with the California Independent System Operator who told the Associated Press there should be plenty of electricty to keep AC units running.