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The Great Tire Caper: Thieves hit Fullerton tire store, take $500,000 worth in two big rigs

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Lots of tires

Police say a well-organized band of thieves hit a tire store in Fullerton late Friday night and made off with ... tires. Lots and lots of tires. A half-million dollars’ worth of them.

In fact, it took masked gunmen, at least one truck and two big-rig trailers to pull off the heist -- and this gang was prepared, the Orange County Register reports.

“It was somebody who knew what they were doing,” Fullerton Police Department Lt. Robert Bastreri told the paper.

According to police, the robbers arrived just before midnight to Yokohama Tires, located at 601 South Acacia Ave., and caught two security guards by surprise, holding them at gunpoint.

It was unclear from the description exactly how they did it -- apparently the tires were already in trailers, just waiting to be hauled away -- but whatever the case the men backed trucks up to trailers and “simply drove away with the goods,” the Register reports.