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The traffic trip: Honolulu vs. LA in the battle of the worst

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Traffic on the northbound and the southbound lanes of the 405 freeway near Los Angeles International Airport.

According to new traffic research report, the distinct honor of having the "worst traffic in the country" now belongs to Honolulu.

Last year, the turn-by-turn navigation app Waze, in collaboration with the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and Nik Hanselmann, visualized a trippy 24-hours of Los Angeles traffic, then considered the worst traffic in the country by the Texas Transportation Institute, noted Fast Company.

That was before Hawaii swam up and captured the crown while California wasn't looking.

According to the new INTRIX National Traffic Scorecard, Los Angeles is still the big winner for "worst traffic corridor," with highest marks given to the 13-mile stretch of 405 Freeway between the Imperial Highway interchange and Getty Center Drive.

The study sets the average L.A. drive-time at 56 hours spent in traffic in 2011, while Honolulu residents spent 58 hours trapped in their transitmobiles. Despite the exhaust(ion), drivers may still be able to breathe a little easier. The report found that overall national congestion was on the decline.