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Shoot for the stars: How & where to photograph the Orionid meteor shower near LA (Map)

Perseid meteor shower

Nathan Trail

Nathan Trail took this photo of the Perseid meteor shower over Maryland on August 12th using KPCC's tips. Try your camera out on the showers and send them to us at

The Orionid meteor shower will be on full display over Los Angeles this Saturday night and early Sunday morning. And if you can't leave the bright lights of the big city, look at the map below for some areas in L.A. where you should be able to see nature's light show.

And you may need to go to higher ground: The National Weather Service forecast calls for low clouds and fog Saturday night.

To capture the meteor streaked sky you'll need more than just your iPhone, so follow the instructions below to get high quality images. Then select your best shots and send them our way.

Pro Tips:

Step 1: Put down your iPhone. That little guy isn't man enough for the meteors. (Caveat: The app "Slow Shutter Cam" might work if the stars are aligned properly, so to speak.)

Step 2: Bring out your digital camera. Your best bet is a digital dSLR camera, but you can also try out your point and shoot if it has manual settings.


Update: How to take photos of Shuttle Endeavour landing in Los Angeles

The Space Shuttle Discovery, aboard a sp

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

The Space Shuttle Discovery, aboard a specially modified NASA Boeing 747, flies over the Washington, DC, April 17, 2012, as seen from Arlington, Virginia.

Space fans and photo nerds will have a great chance to create a memorable photograph this Friday as the shuttle Endeavour glides into Los Angeles. The retired orbiter made 25 trips into space, and Friday will mark its final day in the air. It is expected to enter L.A. airspace at about 11:30 a.m. and is expected to land at LAX by 12:45p.m., weather permitting. 

Check our Twitter or the KPCC homepage for updates.

Here at KPCC we’d like to see your photos of the Endeavour when it soars over Los Angeles and lands at LAX. Check out our photo recommendations below and send in your images to or use the hashtag #KPCCShuttle on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll find it.

Gear: The Endeavour flight will be a once-in-a-lifetime photo op, so you’ll want to bring out your pro-camera gear to capture the historic moment. The shuttle will be piggybacked onto NASA’s modified 747 and flying at around 1,500 feet when it reaches Los Angeles.  At that height, your iPhone just won’t cut it; you’ll be able to capture a little space shuttle speck, but that’s about it.