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Power rangers: 'Flex Alert' declared to plug energy drain in California

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Photo by Gavin Bell via Flickr Creative Commons

With the San Onofre nuclear plant on a government mandated time out, a "Flex Alert" has been issued by the managers of California's power grid in an attempt to keep state energy reserves from falling to the point of a Stage 1 Emergency.

On Thursday, California Independent System Operator declared the call for conservation to go into effect Friday through Sunday as the revenge of summer continues. The National Weather Service has warned valley and inland areas to prepare for unwelcomed humidity as the muggy insult to triple-digit-temp injury. 

Around Southern California, cooling centers can be found in Los Angeles CountyVentura CountyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County and by using the Southern California Edison cooling center locator map.


  • set thermostats no cooler than 78 degrees
  • limit large appliance use during peak hours (washing machines, dishwashers)
  • keep drapes and blinds closed to cool off rooms
  • ventilate homes at night and in the early a.m. to allow cool air to circulate
  • limit opening the refrigerator
  • turn off unnecessary lights
  • use ceiling fans or smaller fans instead of air conditioners


Turn on the sun: New LADWP solar plant to power 3,300 homes

solar plant

Photo credit: LADWP

LADWP crews creative solved problems that cropped up. For example, they used a cable management system to organize thousands of modular plugs and cables attached to each solar panel.

solar plant

Photo credit: LADWP

Electrical Construction Crew completes installation of one of 4,322 ground-mounted solar panels.

solar plant


Located about 65 miles north of L.A. near the community of Adelanto, Calif. The project produces 10 MW (AC) power, which is enough energy to meet the needs of 3,300 typical homes each year.

solar plant

Photo credit: LADWP

Located about 65 miles north of L.A. near the community of Adelanto, Calif. The project produces 10 MW (AC) power, which is enough energy to meet the needs of 3,300 typical homes each year.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is 46,000 panels closer to its green goals on Monday with the debut of a new solar plant in the Mojave Desert.

The $48 million, 10 megawatt exploding sun catcher can power 3,300 homes a year, according to LADWP. Located 65 miles north of the city, the Adelanto Solar Power Project began generating electricity to Los Angeles on June 30.

About 20 percent of LADWP electricity is currently obtained from renewable energy sources, including wind farms. The utility has a goal of obtaining a third of its power from green sources by 2020.  

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LADWP responds to 6 water main breaks in Fairfax District


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Traffic clogged as pipes poured into the street following five water main breaks in the Fairfax District this morning.

At least 110 customers are without service, and 3rd St. has been closed between Ogden and Fairfax, as a result of the leak, reports LADWP.

According to the utility, reps are responding on the scene at the following locations: 

  • 900 block of Croft Avenue 
  • 5800 block of La Mirada Avenue
  • 6000 block of Waring Avenue
  • 1100 block of N. McCadden Place
  • Intersection of Fairfax Avenue & Third Street 

The leaks are believed to be related to inspection work yesterday at the Lower Franklin Reservoir -- the reservoir is taken offline and temporarily replaced by a different source of water as part of regular inspection protocol, says a statement from LADWP. 

Operational changes such as these can cause fluctuations in pressure and expose weaknesses in older main lines.  


LADWP lights go out for 60,000 Westside customers

lightbulb terrarium

Photo by Jennifer Feuchter via Flickr Creative Commons

Lightbulb terrarium.

A power outage darkened a large portion of Los Angeles' Westside on Tuesday. 

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power told KPCC that 60,000 customers saw their electricity service interrupted in Venice, Westchester, Playa del Rey and surrounding areas.

The utility was restored to the majority of the affected areas within 13 minutes, however crews are responding to the 8,600 customers still without power.

Supply disruption to a main hub receiving station is being blamed for the blackout. It was unknown what caused the disruption.

LAX was affected in the short ordeal, but all power has been restored to the airport, according to the LADWP spokesperson.