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Governor signs bill allowing women to obtain birth control without seeing a doctor (UPDATED)


Tami Abdollah/KPCC

Gov. Jerry Brown signs AB 2348 that will allow women to obtain birth control from a registered nurse without seeing a doctor.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in Los Angeles Saturday that will allow women to obtain birth control without having to see a doctor.

"Instead of shrinking back and trying to take away women's healthcare services and birth control, we're empowering them," Brown said to a crowd at Planned Parenthood's L.A. headquarters.

AB 2348, authored by Democratic state Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, allows registered nurses to dispense and administer birth control according to a standard procedure outlined by a doctor. That's in contrast to requiring the doctor to sign off on each prescription.

The bill passed without any Republican support. Republican lawmakers argued only doctors have the medical expertise to provide hormonal contraceptives and they questioned the standard of care nurses could provide.