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Parents throw punches at LA preschool graduation

Screenshot via Google Maps

Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School, 1260 West 36th Place, Los Angeles, CA, an education reform website, posted an upsetting video Thursday night of children screaming and crying as parents were seen fighting at a recent preschool graduation in Los Angeles.

The melee at Weemes Elementary School prompted a repsonse from school principal Lynn D. Brown who sent a letter home to parents about the June 7 incident.

The fight broke out during a preschool culmination ceremony, said Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman Monica Carazo. One woman suffered a cut to her lip, but there have been no arrests or charges.

School police are investigating, and no official statement has been issued about what started the brawl. Calls to confirm reports, published with the video, that the dispute stemmed from students having to share a cap and gown for photos, were not immediately returned.