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UC logo: New 'Boldly Californian' mark draws shaky support (Poll)

uc monogram

Image via University of California

uc logo truck

Image via University of California

uc logo seal

Image via University of California

uc merch logo

Image via University of California

uc logo

Image via University of California

uc logo mug

Image via University of California

Is it possible for an initially despised logo to peacefully assimilate into society? Ask the University of California in about a year. 

The refrigerator door of social media was left open last weekend, souring design dissenters into a full-blown stink, and molding a revolt against UC's "Boldly Californian" future.

A branding brouhaha is now underway (see video below) as the newly plated UC logo — a play for flexible, simple and contemporary — can be seen in action on a number of UC-related sites. 

Brand New reports that the new logo and identity were initially debuted in September, and that all elements were carried out by an 11-person in-house creative team formed more than three years ago. Per UC Creative Director Vanessa Kanan Correa:

Previously, the UC system only used its seal as its primary visual identifier...Now we limit its use to formal systemwide communications, diplomas, official regental and presidential communications, and other official documents...From this perspective, this is less of a rebranding exercise, but instead the creation of a coherent, consistent, and relevant brand identity where before there was none.


Bird is the word: Twitter logo gets a haircut

twitter bird

New Twitter bird logo released June 6, 2012.

Evolution is for the birds. As such, Twitter on Wednesday kicked its latest avian development out of the nest for all the world to tweet about. Mostly people are saying it looks like the old bird. But simplified, and with a less impressive haircut.

Updates a plenty will be rolled out around the netratubes with developers and webmaster generals updating logos like it was their job. Which it may be.

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