Los Angeles County Citizens Commission's on Jail Violence hears testimony from current sheriff's employees

Friday's meeting of the Los Angeles Citizens Commission on Jail Violence featured testimony from several current members of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

Previous witnesses testifying before the commission have painted a picture of the Men’s Central Jail as a place where deputies frequently used force against inmates with virtual impunity. Captain Mike Bornman, Friday's first witness, worked at the jail in 2009 and 2010. Bornman said he found piles of complaints against deputies stuck in drawers that had never been investigated or entered into the tracking system.

The system was chronically overburdened with not enough staff, Bornman said, and "there appeared to be a lack of desire to hold people accountable."

Bornman testified that the jail supervisor at the time, Captain Daniel Cruz, repeatedly told him not to concern himself with making sure complaints were investigated. Bornman said that when he suggested they discuss the situationwith Cruz’s boss, Commander Bob Olmstead, Cruz balked. Commissioners asked Bornman what Cruz said, exactly.