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LA Zoo: Baby chimp's death still unexplained

Tad Motoyama/Los Angeles Zoo (via

An adult chimpanzee in the L.A. Zoo exhibit cradles an unnamed baby female, first born since 1999. The pictured infant was fatally attacked in June.

It's been two months since a male chimpanzee killed an infant chimp at the Los Angeles Zoo, and officials are still baffled as to what prompted the attack, the Los Angeles City Council was told today.

The three-month-old chimp was killed instantly on June 26 after a male chimpanzee “spontaneously grabbed the infant,” zoo general manager John Lewis told the council.

“We don’t know why the infant was killed by this male,” Lewis said. “He’s been a major part of the troop for years and had not been a problem in this regard.”

In the wild, male chimps will sometimes kill infants to repopulate an area with their own offspring. Infants can also be collateral damage in a fight between two males, according to Lewis. 

It is undecided whether the male chimpanzee will be introduced to a new infant that was born at the zoo two weeks ago.


Admission prices increase at Los Angeles Zoo (updated)

Visitors arrive at the main entrance to


The cost of visiting the Los Angeles Zoo is increasing $1 thanks to a vote by the Los Angeles City Council.

The cost of spending a day at the Los Angeles Zoo will increase thanks to a vote by the Los Angeles City Council.

Admission fees will increase by $1, so that it will now cost:

  • Adults: $17
  • Children: $12
  • Seniors: $14 

Groups of 15 people or more can get a special rate of $14 for adults and $11 for children ages 12 and younger. 

The fee increase was assumed in the spending plan for fiscal year 2012-13, which started July 1. The additional revenue will contribute about $720,000 to the city's budget. 

In April, the Los Angeles Zoo saw record attendance with more than 215,000 visitors -- a 20-year high for the month. The surge was due in part to the Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles exhibit, which opened in March. 

An earlier version of this story misstated the admission increase would generate $780,000 for the city of L.A.


LA Zoo 'LAIR' exhibit opens: Reptile house welcomed with open claws

lizard LA ZOO LAIR exhibit

Photo by Joe Utsler / CrazyUncleJoe via Flickr Creative Commons

March 8, 2012: The Los Angeles Zoo's newest exhibit, "the LAIR," opens to the public.

Los Angeles Zoo's newest Betty White/Slash-approved exhibit, the LAIR (Living Amphibian, Invertebrates, and Reptiles), is now taking visitors into its multi-habitat house devoted to reptile and amphibian conservation. Approximately 60 species of rare, unique, endangered, neon, venomous, bearded, scaled and flippered friends will inhabit the house.