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Four hurt, three arrested after pickup rams through motel wall in Sylmar

Photo courtesy KNBC

A driver lost control of his pickup truck and rammed it through the wall at the Roxford Motel in Sylmar.

Four people were injured after a driver lost control of his pickup truck and smashed through the wall of a motel in Sylmar.

The crash at the Roxford Motel on North San Fernando Road happened at about 9:20 a.m. yesterday after a 62-year-old man had a “medical issue,” according to the LA Daily News. Police said his gray Toyota Tundra suddenly jumped the curb and plowed into the motel’s front room about 15 feet away, with three people inside the room. KNBC captured the above image of the wreck from its news helicopter.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Matt Spence said the three people in the motel room were hospitalized, one in critical condition. Firefighters had to free the driver from the wreckage, and he was hospitalized in fair condition.

Weirdly, the three people injured inside the motel were all wanted by the law, according to the Daily News report, which cites police as saying that the two men “decided to walk out of the hospital because they were wanted on outstanding felony warrants.”