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Witnesses claim to have seen missing Fox movie executive Gavin Smith in Morro Bay restaurant


Gavin Smith

Missing Fox movie executive Gavin Smith may actually want to be missing, if reports coming out of a central coast seaside town are true.

According to KNBC, which has an exclusive on the story, unverified accounts from people in Morro Bay indicate that Smith was seen there on May 7 -- about a week after he went missing -- with a lady friend in tow.

One man named David Brill who was there on business told KNBC that he thinks he saw Smith -- the former basketball star stands out for his light features and 6-foot-6 build -- at the Taco Temple, a restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The next morning, Brill told reporters, he noticed a story about the disappearance of Gavin Smith. “I happened to click on the link, saw the photo, and said, ‘Oh boy, that’s the guy I saw in the restaurant the previous night,’” he said.