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Deputies make arrest in 2nd alleged teen murder plot this week in San Bernardino County


Hesperia and other High Desert communities have fallen on hard times -- which some local leaders say could be leading to teen crime.

Another alleged murder plot by middle school kids in San Bernardino County -- uncovered just two days after three young teens were arrested and charged with trying to kill a mom -- has residents of the High Desert communities wondering just what is going on.

The San Bernardino Sun reports that a 14-year-old boy from Phelan was arrested yesterday at about 12:45 a.m. for allegedly hatching a plot -- complete with procured weapons and written plans -- to kill a classmate who had supposedly taken his bike.

The boy had also tried to enlist the help of other classmates, but was unsuccessful, according to the Sun. Authorities say they received a tip about his plans -- the alleged target had no inkling about it -- and made the arrest at the boy’s home.

Two days earlier, a 13-year-old girl from Hesperia enlisted the help of two friends -- a boy and girl, both 14 -- in an alleged attempt to enter her mother’s trailer home and kill her as she slept.


Hesperia teen, two friends tried to murder mom over burdensome house rules, police say

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A map of Hesperia shows the 8500 block of C Avenue, lower right, and Ranchero Middle School.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department says it has three Hesperia middle schoolers in custody over an alleged plot to kill the mother of one of the kids.

Their alleged motive: One of the students, a 13-year-old, didn’t like her mom’s strict curfew. Also, her mom was “critical” of her friends -- presumably the same ones who authorities say tried to murder the woman.

According to several news sources, the Sheriff’s Department received a call from the mother Tuesday morning that an attempt had just been made on her life. She said she was attacked in her home on the 8500 block of C Avenue, KTLA reported, but was not seriously injured.

A sheriff’s spokesperson said in a statement that the teens -- the 13-year-old daughter, a female 14-year-old friend and a male 14-year-old friend, all students at Ranchero Middle School -- “conspired, formulated a plan and attempted to kill” the mom yesterday morning using “three different means of attack.” Authorities did not give more specifics, citing the ongoing investigation.