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New lawyer says O.J. Simpson got a raw deal in 2008 Nevada conviction

Getty Images via KNBC

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson received shoddy representation before he was put away and deserves another trial: That’s what a new lawyer for the disgraced football star will attempt to convince a judge of in a Nevada district court next month, according to the Associated Press.

In a 94-page document filed today in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, the new attorney, Patricia Palm of Las Vegas, faults trial strategy and performance of old attorneys Yale Galanter and Gabriel Grasso, but maintains Simpson’s same basic defense -- that he wanted to confront sports memorabilia dealers to recover family photos and personal mementoes, and that he didn’t know the men he took along with him had guns.

Few people seem to remember clearly what the whole thing was about that put Simpson behind bars, as it pales in comparison to the sensational trial in which he was acquitted.