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Motion Picture & Television Fund nursing home makes a glittering comeback


Photo by Richard Riley via Flickr Creative Commons

The Motion Picture & Television Fund nursing home in Woodland Hills is slated for a comeback. Like a well-plotted twist at the end of Act III, MPTF will immediately begin admitting residents to the famous nursing home after a controversial 2009 decision to close the facility. 

Accused of failing in its charitable responsibility to care for aging entertainment industry workers, residents and families hired legal representation to block evictions as they rolled out a three-year public campaign against the MPTF, explains the L.A. Times

Board members at the time claimed the fund was approaching bankruptcy and had no choice but to close operations

Under new management led by former Panavision Chief Executive Bob Beitcher, the nursing home has consolidated operations and its finances have improved enough to begin admitting new residents, officials announced Wednesday.