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Octomom’s many-armed problems continue as judge tosses bankruptcy filing

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'Octomom' Nadya Suleman poses for photographers in front of her home in La Habra, California on May 19, 2010.

A judge has thrown out the bankruptcy claim by Nadya Suleman, the La Habra woman better known as Octomom, meaning she is still on the hook to sell her home and pay off her huge debts.

Suleman had failed to file the proper paperwork, the bankruptcy court judge ruled yesterday, according to the Orange County Register.

That means creditors can move to collect what they say they’re owed, and a pending foreclosure can go ahead against the house Suleman lives in with her children -- all 14 of them. The home had been scheduled to be auctioned off last month, but the auction was delayed pending a ruling on Suleman’s bankruptcy filing.

Suleman has toyed with the idea of a porn career in order to pay her bills, her mortgage, her kids’ school costs, etc., and she has already sold photos of herself and her kids to tabloids -- including a spread of topless photos to a British magazine.


Octomom announces she’s broke, $1 million in debt, losing her home and considering porn

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AP Photo/Dave Allocca/StarPix

Nadya Suleman, known as the Octomom, poses for a undated photo in New York.

Now that she’s done producing babies, the world-famous Octomom is contemplating her next move -- and nothing is off the table.

The Octomom, also known as Nadya Suleman, says she is bankrupt, as much as a million dollars in debt, about to lose her La Habra home and considering becoming a porn actress, according to the L.A. Daily News.

Whether that’s her best career path is a matter of debate, especially given the “very real concern about the welfare of her octuplets and six older children -- all borne from her zeal for in vitro fertilization,” the Daily News writes.

Suleman’s home, a two-story residence on a La Habra cul-de-sac where she has lived for the past few years, reportedly goes on the auction block Monday. A big point of contention is what should happen with her 14 children, some of whom are disabled, should they become homeless. Some experts -- and plenty of armchair critics -- are saying the whole brood should be taken from Suleman and placed in protective custody.


Octomom babies turn a collective 24 years old today

People Nadya Suleman octomom octuplets

AP Photo/Dave Allocca/StarPix

Nadya Suleman, known as the Octomom, poses for an undated photo in New York to promote an appearance on MTV.

Octomom Nadya Suleman celebrated birthday number three with eight of her fourteen babies on Thursday.

The world's only complete set of octuplets were born to the single mother (who already had six children) by way of questionable reproduction assistance three years ago.

Suleman's Beverly Hills fertility specialist, Dr. Michael Kamrava, was relieved of his medical license last year by the state medical board that found "he had violated professional standards by implanting Suleman with 12 embryos she had kept in storage," notes the L.A. Times

Initial hospital costs drained hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and it is unknown if Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Makai -- all with the middle name "Angel" -- will require long term care, as multiple birth children suffer a higher rate of health complications.