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$200 for Kings parking? Luxe Hotel dares you to park there for the Stanley Cup

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Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals had the Luxe hotel charging $200 for parking.

The most expensive parking spot for the Kings game is not what you think.

Situated across the street from the Staples Center, the Luxe Hotel is getting roughed up for a photograph posted online by Unite Here Local 11 apparently hawking parking for tonight's game at $200. 

Parking manager Gerlado Villalvazo told KPCC that the hotel was charging $20 this morning and that the price jumped to $60 around 2:30 p.m. where it was holding steady as of 3:45 p.m. But spots could reach $200 -- a threshold it reached during last week's game.

The dramatic price spike, however, is less a function of greedy-fueled supply-and-demand mania, and more an issue of space. The ridiculous price tag is designed as a deterrent.

Villalvazo explained lightheartedly that motorists were ignoring the "Lot Full" and "Hotel Guests Only" signs, and were pulling in anyway causing trouble for guests and parking personnel.


A lucky parking meter is something you will never find again in Santa Monica

santa monica parking

Roger Wollstadt/Flickr/Creative Commons

Parking in Santa Monica, previously.

The days of fortuitous parking have met an untimely fate by the sea.

Monday began the reign of the 'smart' parking meter in Santa Monica with the debut of more than 6,000 high-tech timers that take their cue from ground sensors. As soon as a car leaves, the device mercilessly resets, wiping out the remaining time that would have previously been gifted to the next soul in the space.

Also, the new sensors -- which are solar-powered and able to take payments by credit card, phone and coins -- will keep cars from staying put. Drivers "will no longer be able to run back and feed the meter to keep their cars parked over the allotted initial time limit," notes the L.A. Times

What the new meters taketh, however, they may returneth in some capacity by alerting parkers via text message when the apparatus is close to expiring. Of course, this means sharing a phone number with the robots, and without getting too conspiracal (not a real word), that potentially opens a door to possible privacy concerns. 


Parking down the deficit: Ticket fines could increase under proposed Villaraigosa budget

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Corey Moore/KPCC

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has proposed a number of parking ticket increases that he believes will help pay down the city's $238-million deficit.

Several times the region's inflation rate, the new fee schedule would see penalty amounts that are 70-90% more expensive than the year he was elected, and fines would bring in $40 million more a year than his first year in office, says the L.A. Times

According to the mayor's proposal, a number of tickets would see an additional $10 tacked on, and a street-sweeping ticket would increase to $78. That's nearly twice the amount charged elsewhere in Los Angeles County, says the Times, and more than the cost of the ticket in any neighboring city.

Those against the proposed increases say penalties would affect those who can least affort it, like low-income renters and working class families in neighborhoods with too few parking spaces.


Dodger Stadium parking will drop to a new Magic rate of $10


Photo by The West End via Flickr Creative Commons

Magic Johnson announced that general parking rates at Dodger Stadium will be dropping from $15 to $10.

Johnson, Guggenheim CEO Mark Walter and co-owner Stan Kasten at a Wednesday news conference talked about starting fresh in the post-Frank McCourt era, and creating a future that's built on O'Malley family tradition.

"We're going to outwork everybody," Johnson said. "I can't wait until my office is done. It's going to take time to build this into the franchise Mr. O'Malley had before. But we're going to get back there. Believe this, we're going to win again."

McCourt's ownership of the organization ended Tuesday which may have lead Johnson to tweet this today:

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