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Another brick in the 'membership program': L.A. Times readers cry 'paywall'

Kevork Djansezian/AP

The Los Angeles Times building.

The L.A. Times is charging ahead with a fee-based model for its online content beginning March 5. 

A trend in reaction shows readers seemingly dissatisfied with the terminology of calling the pricing structure a "membership program" instead of the straightforward use of the word "paywall."

The newspaper attempts to explain the label distinction by saying, "although digital payment plans are commonly known as 'paywalls,' The Times is billing its plan as a 'membership program' that will include retail discounts, deals and giveaways, as well as access to digital news."

Are you planning to pay for Times "membership?"


Los Angeles Times to introduce an online paywall

la times building

Photo by Calvin Fleming via Flickr Creative Commons

Hello paywall, goodbye unlimited free Web news. The L.A. Times will be charging people who don't subscribe to its daily print edition for unlimited online content starting March 5, it was announced on Friday. The cost of the L.A. Times "membership program" will vary based on whether a reader subscribes to the Sunday edition, or chooses digital-only access. Up to 15 articles about every month will be free for anyone. More information and community reaction to follow.