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Mysterious intruder in Marina Del Rey repels down side of building, breaks into condo, takes nothing

Someone repelled down the side of this building, the Regatta Condominiums in Marina Del Rey, and broke into an apartment on the 15th floor.

Police are still trying to find the culprit in a daring, Pink Panther-esque break-in of a luxury condominium in Marina Del Rey who slipped down the side of the high-rise building on a rope, broke into an apartment and neglected to steal anything.

Whoever it was, he reportedly repelled several floors down the side of the Regatta Condominiums complex -- a 19-floor stack of high-end apartments at Maxella Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard -- on Saturday morning and knocked at the window of one woman’s place on the 15th floor. She saw him hanging there, didn’t know him and decided not to let him in, according to KTLA.

Instead she let herself out the front door and called police.

The daredevil, meanwhile, decided to enter the apartment anyway by prying the windows open with a crowbar. He was gone by the time police arrived.