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Assault charges for men involved in I-5 road rage video

Two men in the famous I-5 road-rage-caught-on-tape incident have been formally charged and a  little more info is available from the District Attorney's office.

First off, David Mendez, 21, and Edras A. Ramirez, 27, are charged with 2 counts each of felony assault. They each face one count of assault with a deadly weapon (in this case, their feet) and one count of assault by means likely to cause great bodily injury. If convicted, they could each spend up to 7 years in prison.

At the moment, both are out on $60,000 bail and are due in court July 13 to enter their pleas.

As for the other man involved, Jerry Patterson, he has not been charged in the incident. But, Patterson was arrested by Long Beach police on an outstanding warrant in a separate road incident, in which he is accused of driving under the influence and a hit and run. Patterson is scheduled for arraignment July 6.


Two men in custody in apparent road rage fight video

The California Highway Patrol says that two men involved in the viral video of an apparent road-rage-inspired fight on the I-5 last week are in custody at LA's Central Jail.

CHP Officer Chris Baldonado said 21-year-old David Mendez and 27-year-old Edras Ramirez, both of Los Angeles, were arrested for assault charges. 

The fight happened June 12 around 3:30 p.m. on the northbound 1-5 just south of Seventh Street. Someone called 911 to report the incident, and first-responders arrived within two minutes, but everyone had fled the scene, including the man who was apparently beaten. CHP became aware of the video late Monday when media outlets started calling, asking questions about the incident depicted. CHP then opened an investigation.

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Bicyclist shattered by hit-and-run driver in what friends call ‘deliberate act’

Jennifer Beatty

This image of Susanna Schick in her hospital bed at USC Medical Center was posted by friend Jennifer Beatty on her Twitter account.

Schick is both a biker and fashion designer.

Susanna Schick shows where she gets the nickname Pinkyracer.

A woman riding her bicycle downtown suffered serious injuries after being chased and run down by a man in a white sedan, witnesses say, and enraged friends have promised that there will be justice for the hit-and-run driver.

Susanna Schick, 42, an avid biker and bicyclist, was struck late Friday night in downtown L.A. after exchanging words with a man driving a white Lexus, friends wrote on a ChipIn page to help pay her medical bills.

According to that account, at around 11:30 p.m. the man swerved across two lanes of traffic and into the Spring Street bike lane where Schick was riding. She and the driver exchanged words at the next light, with a woman in the passenger seat of the Lexus rolling up the window.

Friends say the Lexus continued to harass Schick, however, and few blocks later, at Fourth and Spring Streets, the vehicle came up from behind and rammed into her bicycle, throwing her to the ground. She fell hard on her left side, suffering a broken collarbone, six broken ribs, a shattered pelvis and a concussion.