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Bizarre beach rocks catch woman’s shorts on fire in San Clemente, causing serious burns


A beach at San Onofre State Beach near where a woman collected two rocks which mysteriously caught fire, giving her serious burns.

Authorities in Orange County are puzzling over a scientific mystery: Why did a woman’s clothing catch fire after she put some rocks in her pocket collected on a San Clemente beach?

The 43-year-old woman suffered third-degree burns in the ordeal, a fire official said, after the cargo shorts she was wearing burst into flames on Saturday.

According to the Orange County Register, the woman had been at one of the Trestles beaches at San Onofre, where she pocketed two stones described as “the size of a hamburger patty, smooth and orange and green in color.” At about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, an hour after returning from the beach to her home on Avenida De La Estrella, the woman was in her kitchen when the stones simply caught fire.

The woman tried to stop, drop and roll but couldn't extinguish the flames, said Capt. Marc Stone of the Orange County Fire Authority.