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Environmental report finds traffic, parking concerns if NFL moves to Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl Renovation

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An environmental report finds that temporarily housing an NFL team in the Rose Bowl will lead to more traffic and parking concerns. The proposal, however, could generate millions for the stadium.

Temporarily hosting a professional football team in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl could be a financial win for that city, even though it will tie up traffic and could further damage the lawns surrounding the stadium, says an environmental report on the plan.

The Pasadena City Council will meet next week to review the report and vote on whether to allow an NFL team to play at the Rose Bowl while a construction crews build a permanent home. The Los Angeles City Council already signed off on plans to build the Farmers Field stadium in downtown L.A., but that deal is contingent on the NFL moving a team to the region. The Rose Bowl could become a temporary home for the NFL for as many as five seasons.

An environmental study found that 13 pro football games a season would significantly increase traffic. Parked cars could also damage the turf at the Brookside Golf Course. The environmental impact report recommends that grounds crews monitor and replace the turf within 24 hours of a game.


NFL at Rose Bowl: Pasadena approves $400,000 impact study

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The 88-year-old Rose Bowl stadium.

A $400,000 environmental impact study was approved in a 6-to-1 vote by the Pasadena City Council on Monday night as the first step in potentially offering up the Rose Bowl as a temporary home for LA's non-existant NFL team. 

The study -- examining land use, air quality, noise, and traffic impact -- will take about eight months to complete, and the city will split expenses with Rose Bowl Operating Committee. The committee still has approve a $200,000 transfer to the city's General Fund, however, notes the SVG Tribune

Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn told KPCC he believes the cost is worth it and that the stadium can provide a comfortable interim home. "We’re in the middle of a renovation which will be completed substantially by September of 2013, which would be the soonest a team would be moving here," said Dunn.