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Watch teen Jennifer Lawrence covered in cake in old MTV promo video

jennifer lawrence


The journey from being covered in cake to being covered in Christian Dior took about eight years for Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence.

The 22-year-old "Silver Lining Playbook" star won a statuette for "Best Female Actor in a film" at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday and took a moment at the mic to reveal the role that got her a SAG card (she also accidentally revealed her gown's construction during a stage ascent that set off a "did she rip her dress?!" ripple in the chatterverse).

Lawrence — in a move perhaps meant to repair the percieved puffery of her quote-gone-wrong speech at the Golden Globes — shared her very blonde, less-than-award-winning beginning as the birthday girl in a set of MTV promos for "My Super Sweet 16."

  • The one where she reveals her bratty MTV past at the SAG Awards 


Acting! SAG Awards nominations for master thespians

master thespian jon lovitz snl macy's santa

Screenshot via Hulu

"Ho ho ho." Line.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations were announced Wednesday with multiple kudos issued to the assassinated, the French, the emotionally distraught, the post-Edwardian, the nouveau household and New Jersey.


SAG Awards recognize outstanding film and TV performances from the past year. There are five theatrical motion picture categories, eight primetime television categories and honors for stunt ensembles.

A thorough fact sheet of nominee award histories — multiple past wins, first timers, etc. — accompanied the official release, and may help your chances in future office pool endeavors.

The ceremony simulcast will air on TNT and TBS Jan. 27 at 5 p.m. (PT). And lest you lose your momentum too early into award season, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is set to announce Golden Globes noms later this week.