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Flux Pavilion secret show ends with police crashing MTV's Santa Monica Airport party

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Santa Monica Airport MTV party, which was shut down by Santa Monica Police.

Results of MTV's "The Music Experiment: Flux Pavilion" are in, and they are not shocking — electronic dance music draws large, sometimes uncontrollable crowds.

MTV Iggy, a division that channels international music to American audiences, held the final of four exclusive shows in town on Tuesday night with the British DJ and dubstep producer Flux Pavilion, sometimes known as Joshua Steele.

But it wasn't the 400 attendees inside Santa Monica Airport's Hangar: 8 (capacity: 1,500 people) that prompted police to the scene, it was the estimated 2,000-2,500 people crowding the surrounding grounds.

In filming the Amoeba Records ticket-giveaway portion of the event — for which people began lining up in the wee hours of the morning — organizers wrote of the early, overwhelming fan response:

"Hollywood wasn’t ready for the lines of super fans ready to claim their Music Experiment tickets to see Flux Pavilion perform live. See the pandemonium for yourself… Become one with your fellow raver, or something."