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Superfund cleanup list is littered with two new LA County sites

superfund sign

Photo by fantail media via Flickr Creative Commons

Two hazardous waste sites in Los Angeles County have been added to the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund cleanup list.

The EPA says groundwater and soil samples from the newly listed locales indicate high levels of trichloroethylene (TCE), a metal-cleaning solvent, at Southern Avenue Industrial Area and the Jervis B. Webb Co., both situated in South Gate.

Wells near the sites that supply drinking water are not currently contaminated, according to the EPA statement, but a possibility for future contamination exists, they say.

KPCC's Molly Peterson described the two South Gate sites last fall, and reported on TCE's presence in other Superfund sites around Southern California.

Peterson explains why Superfund matters, and why it's funding is not so super, noting that putting a site on a list is not the same thing as cleaning it up.