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Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend arrested after fight with current boyfriend fight on Thanksgiving

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File photo of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry attending the launch event for Gap’s 1969 Jean Shop on Robertson Blvd. on August 6, 2009.

2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Auction And Gala - Arrivals

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Actors Olivier Martinez (L) and Halle Berry attend the 2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Auction and Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 17, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has been arrested for investigation of battery after authorities say he and the Oscar-winning actress' current boyfriend got into a fight on Thanksgiving.

Los Angeles Police Officer Julie Boyer says Aubry came over to Berry's house Thursday and there were reports of an assault. Police say Aubry was injured in the altercation and was taken to a hospital for unknown injuries.

He was later booked for investigation of battery and released on $20,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 13.

Berry and Aubry have been involved in a custody dispute involving their young daughter, Nahla.

Emails sent to Berry's publicist and Aubry's family law attorney were not immediately returned.


7 Black Friday alternatives to shopping in Los Angeles

no shopping black friday

Photo by Meindert Arnold Jacob via Flickr Creative Commons

Wind up lined up for hours down the halls of the all malls, of follow our suggestions for alternative Black Friday activities.

For those about to shop, we salute you. For those about to nap, here are a few alternatives to fill the hours of festive, digestive distress known as Black Friday. No deals, or steals, or sales, or limited time onlys, or while supplies last. Just good old-fashioned avoidance. 

1. Set up for the next holiday

  • Don't waste a perfectly good future day when you have this one to prepare. Pull decorations out of closets, start writing up cards and finding addresses, decide on menus and make a list of recipes. Fashion Island started preparing the day after Halloween (overachievers), but you'll still be ahead of the game. Then, relax and enjoy all future weekends as the seasonal madness ramps up all around. Don't worry, the new-found sense of calm superiority will keep you plenty warm.

2. Marathon television 


Bold turkey: 19 most impressive hand turkeys of Thanksgiving 2012

thanksgiving hand turkey

Screenshot via

The amazing trace is underway in cubicles and classrooms across the country. People everywhere with Thanksgiving on the brain and markers in hand are becoming reacquainted with the hand turkey. We'll wait while you put your hand down on whatever paper is on top of your desk and start drawing.

Trends in this season's artwork include: people drawing literal hand turkeys, people drawing hand turkeys in the likeness of famous musicians and people drawing unremarkable hand turkeys while contemplating their life choices and what else they might be doing if they were not drawing hand turkeys.

Arguably the "defining cultural output of our era," as one enthusiast suggested, Twitter is currently feathered with these festive offerings. Below are 19 game-changing hand turkeys that dared to stand out from the rafter.


Talking turkey about typos? New Trader Joe's Thanksgiving stickers you'll want to 'gooble' up

trader joes thanksgiving stickers

Photo by Lisa Brenner / KPCC

The turkey says "Gooble Gooble."

The new phone books stickers are here! Trader Joe's — your neighborhood grocery store and the bestower of seasonal stickers — has received a new round of adhesive circles for holiday shoppers in search of DIY dinner greatness.

The 2012 Thanksgiving stickers made an appearance Thursday night at the Silver Lake location where a friendly employee, who mentioned the stickers arrived earlier in the week, pointed out the possible fantastic flaw in the turkey translation — it appears that someone spelled "gobble" wrong.

In fairness, Trader Joe's could have a "gooble"-named product that's yet to debut, or perhaps they just have an advanced knowledge of turkey talk.  For all we know, we're the ones onomatopoeia-ing wrong. Those birds could have been saying "gooble" the whole time.