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7-Eleven rolls out new ID check to stop minors from buying tobacco and beer

Minors should stick to ice cream instead of beer at 7-11 now that a new ID checking has been implemented in thousands of California 7-Elevens

7-Eleven has announced that they have added a new tool to stop minors from buying Miller Lite and other adult beverages.

In a program that was rolled out Monday in all of its 1,600 convenience stores around California, 7-Eleven employees will now have the ability to swipe the back of would-be customers' I.D. cards to verify the person's age. 

While forging drivers licenses and I.D. cards have become more difficult over time, it's not impossible to pass one by a bleary-eyed employee every now and then. But what is more difficult is fooling the unblinking eye of a device that can read the 2D magnetic strip on the back of modern drivers licenses.

The Dallas, Texas-based convenience store chain is not just trying to prevent underage drinking, but also minors who are attempting to buy cigarettes. Nearly 7 percent of children between the ages of 12 to 17 in California smoked cigarettes and other forms of tobacco in 2010, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention