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Closing arguments begin in trial of former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy accused of torturing wife, her lover

Orange County DA's Office

Robert McClain

Closing arguments began Monday afternoon in the trial of former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy Robert McClain, accused of torturing his wife and her lover nearly to death in an empty office in Irvine.

McClain, 38, reportedly has worn a white skullcap and button-down shirts in the courtroom while listening impassively to court proceedings. Prosecutors accuse him of brutalizing his 31-year-old wife of 12 years and her boyfriend, a 23-year-old musician, in a jealous rage after finding out about their affair.

They say that McClain, a muscular 245-pound ex-Marine, lured the lovers to his wife’s leasing office in Irvine in 2008, where he imprisoned them and proceeded to torture them physically, sexually and emotionally for two and a half hours.

The Orange County Register reports that jurors have listened to graphic testimony, including allegations that McClain slashed the younger man’s face and groin with a knife, broke every bone in his face and caused him to suffer permanent brain damage. He also beat his wife severely, and played a kind of psychological Russian roulette with her using an unloaded gun.


Former sheriff’s deputy Robert McClain goes on trial in brutal torture case

Orange County DA's Office

Robert McClain

A former L.A. County sheriff’s deputy is on trial today in an unusually horrific torture case involving his wife and her younger lover.

Robert McClain, 38, is accused of imprisoning the couple in 2008 and torturing them physically, sexually and emotionally for two and a half hours in an empty leasing office in Irvine.

According to opening statements made today by the prosecution, the 245-pound ex-Marine and ex-sheriff’s deputy, having learned about the affair, convinced his wife that he should be allowed to meet her lover. What followed was a grisly scene of torture in which both victims were brutalized in several ways, including the man’s face being “carved up into a pumpkin,” Orange County Deputy District Attorney John Christl told jurors.

The 12-year marriage of McClain and his wife was crumbling, and she became involved with the other man for about four months, Christl said. McClain eventually found out and told his wife that he wanted to meet the man, a 23-year-old musician who had moved to California to audition for “American Idol.”


Corona pastor charged with torturing teen as ‘discipline’

Corona Police Department

Darryll Jeters, Lonnie Remmers and Nick Craig have been charged with torturing a 13-year-old boy in Riverside County.

A pastor and two of his followers have been arrested on charges of torturing a boy in Corona in order to discipline him, with allegations including assaulting the boy with pliers and forcing him to dig his own grave.

Lonnie Remmers, 54, pastor of the Heart of Worship Church, has been charged with kidnapping, torture, child abuse and conspiracy, according to the Imperial Valley Press. Police say he and his two helpers, 22-year-old Nick Craig and 28-year-old Darryll Jeter, were entrusted with disciplining a 13-year-old boy by the boy’s own mother, who had taken him to a men’s group home in this Riverside County town seeking help.

The group home turned out to be run by Heart of Worship -- and police say the boy was taken first to Barstow, where Craig and Jeter allegedly beat him with a shovel and had him dig the grave.