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L.A. traffic cop fired for porn appearance wants his job back

john dancler porn traffic cop

Screenshot via NBC LA

At a hearing on Wednesday, John Dancler, the 23-year veteran L.A. traffic cop fired for his on duty, uniformed, extracurricular appearance in a porn film, fought to be reinstated as a traffic officer. 

Dancler said of his involvement, "it wasn't the best thing I have ever done," as he made an appeal to the Los Angeles Civil Service Commission to reverse the misconduct dismissal by The Department of Transportation following last year's NBC4 investigation

The hearing examiner was shown every frame of Dancler's role in the film that included public groping, spanking and other acts with an adult video actress.

The former officer said he was "caught totally unaware" when he was approached to appear in the film.

A report from the hearing will be evaluated by a full Civil Aervice Commission next month, and a decision will be made.