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Talking turkey about typos? New Trader Joe's Thanksgiving stickers you'll want to 'gooble' up

trader joes thanksgiving stickers

Photo by Lisa Brenner / KPCC

The turkey says "Gooble Gooble."

The new phone books stickers are here! Trader Joe's — your neighborhood grocery store and the bestower of seasonal stickers — has received a new round of adhesive circles for holiday shoppers in search of DIY dinner greatness.

The 2012 Thanksgiving stickers made an appearance Thursday night at the Silver Lake location where a friendly employee, who mentioned the stickers arrived earlier in the week, pointed out the possible fantastic flaw in the turkey translation — it appears that someone spelled "gobble" wrong.

In fairness, Trader Joe's could have a "gooble"-named product that's yet to debut, or perhaps they just have an advanced knowledge of turkey talk.  For all we know, we're the ones onomatopoeia-ing wrong. Those birds could have been saying "gooble" the whole time.


Turkey asks Getty Museum to return allegedly looted antiquities

getty villa museum

Photo by Christopher Chan via Flickr

The government of Turkey is asking the J. Paul Getty Museum to return several artifacts that it believes were looted and smuggled out of the country.

The L.A. Times reports Saturday that the Turkish government has contacted the Getty along with several other American museums to present evidence that objects in their collections may have been illegally excavated from the country's archaeological sites.

None of the museums facing requests from Turkey would name the contested objects.

The Times, citing a list provided by Turkish officials, says the country is asking for 10 objects from the Getty. They include four marble muses on display at the Getty Villa's Basilica gallery.

Getty spokesman Ron Hartwig said the museum has had ongoing talks with Turkey, and declined to get into specifics.