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How to turn an 'Ugly Sweater' into a cancer fundraiser

ugly sweater

Photo by TheUglySweaterShop via Flickr Creative Commons

If you or someone you love has an ugly sweater, listen up.

Stand Up To Cancer is running an "Ugly Sweater Holiday Campaign" that gives fashion offenders (photos below) a chance at redemption by turning their display of disastrous garb into money for cancer research. 

The campaign runs until Dec. 31 and there are two ways to participate: create a challange, or throw a party.

Create an "Ugly Sweater" challenge

  • Go to 
  • Create your own "Ugly Sweater" fundraising page.
  • Decide how many days to wear the questionable clothing item. 
  • Have your supporters donate a "per day" amount via the fundraising page.

Host An Ugly Sweater Party

  • Go to 
  • Create your own "Ugly Sweater" fundraising page.
  • Throw an "Ugly Sweater" party
  • Ask guests to give a suggested donation.
  • Ask guest to donate via your fundraising page.