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Tidbits from the FBI's initial report on crime in the United States

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The FBI released numbers from its annual report on crime in the United States.

Initial findings from the annual Uniform Crime Report are out, and appear to contain good news: violent crime went down 4 percent and property crime 0.8 percent nationwide in 2011. 

In the city of Los Angeles, violent crime went down in every category except murder (there were 297, 4 more than in 2010) and arson. Locally, murder more than doubled (to 15) in Anaheim and (to 7) in Pasadena in 2011, bucking the national trend. 

A few additional interesting tidbits:

  • Los Angeles seems to experience an inordinate number of arsons: 1,376 in 2011, a large number even for a big city. The next closest was Detroit, with 957, albeit with a much smaller population than LA. 
  • Murder seems to be going rural or suburban. Down almost everywhere, homicide spiked in cities under 25,000 and especially in cities under 10,000 in population.
  • Oakland, CA had a nasty year for violent crime. Murder went up from 90 to 104 in 2011 and only rape and arson went down in the violent crime category.