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Valencia man, who was never charged with threats, served with restraining order


Defense attorney David M. Wallin (L) and Eric Yee (C) look on as a prosecutor (R) argues for $2 million bail on Sept. 19, 2012.

A 21-year-old man who was arrested last month for possessing an illegal weapon after he wrote online that he wouldn't mind killing some neighborhood kids was ordered Tuesday to stay away from two schools near his parents' Valencia home.

Eric Ting Yee was charged in September with possessing a 27-year-old semi automatic assault rifle which was discovered after police kicked down the door of the home of the parents after he wrote online that he he wouldn't mind killing some local children.

"Looking out a window and see some little kids I wouldn't mind murdering at all," Yee reportedly wrote in the comments of an ESPN story about kids possibly getting killed over a pair of $270 LeBron James Nike shoes. 

"It would be like the Aurora, Colorado shooting," he allegedly wrote, according to the L.A. County Sheriff.