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Extremely loud, incredibly close: Best video yet of San Diego's fireworks apocalypse (Warning: Loud)

fireworks san diego

Screenshot via YouTube

"Night becomes day," says YouTube user  who uploaded the best yet documentation of San Diego's mega fireworks explosion on the Fourth of July.

Shot on a Canon 60D DSLR, according to the video description, the dramatic imagary elicited a number of colorful reactions from users, from "ATTTTOOOMMIICCC HOLOOOCAUUSSSTTTT!," to "How is this a failure? It was amazing...," to "Come on ! There are tens of thousands of fireworks all around the planet. Which one will you REALLY remember by the end of the year," to "That wasn't fireworks.. basically a bomb."

One thing commenters did agree on, however, was that the video is very, very, very, loud ("Let's say a prayer for all the headphone users," ie).

For the love of hearing, please take off your headphones before watching this.


Police release videos of Echo Park knifing

echo park

Screenshot via Google Maps

Authorities have released video footage of two men being stabbed last week in Echo Park. The attack occured around midnight on May 24 near the intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street.

The suspect -- who is still at large -- yelled homophobic slurs at the victims, prompting officials to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime, notes Eastsider LA.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect and associates.

Video 1 - LAPD Northeast Division description:

Security camera recorded a stabbing at Echo Park & Montana in Echo Park, Los Angeles, 5/24/2012 shortly after midnight. In this first video, the Suspect tells the Victims, "You guys are [expletive and homophopic slur deleted]!" He walks away with his 2 associates, then runs back toward the Victims waiting for a bus and stabs Victim-1 in the abdomen. The LAPD is trying to identify the Suspect and his associates.


Video: Exploding manhole gives firefighters a scare in Yorba Linda


Two Orange County firefighters were investigating a fire in Yorba Linda on Sunday evening by peering down a manhole ... when a huge fireball suddenly erupted straight into their faces. Luckily, neither man was seriously injured.

The incident was caught on tape thanks to the dashboard camera on a Brea police cruiser.

In the above video, the first of four explosions can be seen just after the 20-second mark. Three more underground explosions quickly followed, knocking out power to more than 3,000 Southern California Edison customers, according to the Orange County Register. SCE crews finally disabled the faulty equipment.

The incident occurred at about 8 p.m. on Yorba Linda Boulevard near Fairmont Boulevard, near an SCE electrical substation. The exact cause of the explosions remains under investigation


Planned PR-hood: Susan G. Komen Foundation responds to backlash

susan g komen


Red-alert reaction to the pink ribbon organization has colored the past two days since breast-cancer research advocacy group Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation announced it would be cutting its support for Planned Parenthood.

Widespread backlash over the loss of more than $600,000 in grant money for breast exams has many questioning if Komen caved to political pressure. A top Susan G. Komen official has resigned over the decision, The Atlantic reported.

Susan G. Komen founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker has issued a face-to-screen video response to the Planned Parenthood controversy. Affirming her 30-year commitment to helping women, she says the changes only reinforce the foundation's mission.