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8,000 melted weapons get a shot at a new life in construction

guns melted

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

“These weapons that you see here will never again be used to commit a crime or used to threaten or intimidate an innocent victim,” said Sheriff Lee Baca.

Melted down at a local still mill, more than 8,000 weapons seized in Los Angeles County will get a shot a new life when they're turned into construction rebar rods.

The weapons, collected by 20 law enforcement agencies as part of "Project Isaiah," are taken every year to Gerdau Steel Mill in Rancho Cucamonga where they undergo the transformation, said Sheriff Lee Baca.

Remodeled as rebar, the former weapons will be used in upgrades to freeways and bridges in California, Arizona and Nevada.


Marines in Redondo Beach with grenades at Living Spaces triggers NCIS investigation

Pick up truck


The white Ram pickup driven by two Marines contained non-lethal grenades

Two Marines are being investigated by the NCIS after Redondo Beach police found non-lethal stun grenades in a pickup truck 150 miles from their base.

Officers located the white Ram 1500 in the parking lot of the Living Spaces furniture store at 1519 Hawthorne Blvd. after they got a call at 8:10pm Thursday about Marines driving around with explosives.

The call may have come from the two active duty Marines themselves because when two young women approached the men, they knew police were on the way.

"We went up to them, and we were going to tell them 'thank you for supporting our country', and we asked them what's wrong and they told us to get away from them... that something's wrong and we need to leave because the cops are coming," shopper Lisa Williams told KTLA.

Authorities cleared the parking lot and evacuated the nearby Target and Norstrom Rack stores near the Redondo Beach Galleria. Meanwhile the LA County sheriff's bomb squad using a robotic device determined that the grenades were relatively harmless.