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Mi casa es su casa: South Gate woman takes mortgage fight to Wells Fargo executive’s front door

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Wells Fargo CFO Tim Sloan's home on Woodstock Road in San Marino

Ana Casas of South Gate didn’t like the prospect of losing her home of 40 years to bank executives. So she decided to take the fight to their home -- specifically, to the large Spanish-style residence of Wells Fargo CFO Tim Sloan in San Marino.

Casas was arrested there yesterday amid a group 80 to 100 protesters who marched, chanted and waved signs proclaiming “Occupy Wells Fargo!” the Pasadena Sun reports.

Interestingly, she was arrested for violating a San Marino ordinance specifically designed for Sloan, who is no stranger to angry assemblies in front of his house. A protest there in October of last year prompted the city to pass a law prohibiting people from getting closer than 150 feet to a property during “targeted residential picketing.”

Casas, who has cerebral palsy, claimed she had missed payments on her mortgage after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband skipped work to care for her, she said -- but since then they have been able to make payments again.