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Restrictions on publicly released 911 calls, and other California laws that might be considered this year

One of California's newest law proposals was prompted by the release of a 911 call recently made on behalf of Demi Moore.
Peter Kramer/AP

Last year, California lawmakers introduced nearly 2,400 bills and about a third of those became law. This Friday is the deadline for lawmakers to introduce bills for 2012. 

Among them is a proposed law that is the result of the 911 call released after Demi Moore was recently rushed to the hospital. Law enforcement agencies already can withhold personal details in such calls. But AB1275 by Assemblywoman Norma Torres would prohibit them from releasing medical or personal identifying information contained in emergency calls.

Also up for consdieration: Sen. Alex Padilla wants to regulate pet groomers. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino proposes to ban the open display of unloaded rifles and shotguns.

Other bills deal with public employee pensions, specialty license plates, cellphone sales taxes and commercial sale of homemade food.


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Woman may have jumped onto 101 near Melrose

We encountered a problem, and this photo is currently unavailable.

LAPD is saying a woman in her mid-30s may have jumped from an off-ramp onto the 101 near the Melrose exit. The woman, police said, is still alive and has been taken to a hospital. She has not been identified. 

Traffic is very jammed in the area.

UPDATE 2:21 Police are now saying the woman is in her 50s and expected to survive. She jumped from the Fountain Avenue overpass.


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Mark Berndt scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday

Accused teacher Mark Berndt.
L.A. Sheriff's Department

An arraignment is scheduled for Mark Berndt, the former Miramonte Elementary School teacher arrested for multiple counts of lewd acts with children, on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Berndt, who taught at the school for 30 years, has been accused by police of taking photos of blindfolded and gagged students with roaches on their faces or spoons of semen held to their mouths.

His arrest on Jan. 30 was the first in a series of child-abuse related arrests since then, including one of Berndt's fellow teachers, Martin Springer, who is being charged with lewd acts relating to one child. 

Since then, the school's staff has been entirely replaced. 


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This is what $100 million worth of PCP looks like

Photos courtesy of LA IMPACT

Los Angeles, City of Angel dust. 

Two people were arrested and more than 130 gallons of PCP with a would-be street value of about $100 million was seized in Los Angeles by authorities on Feb. 15. 

Weapons, cash, and chemicals to make a staggering 500 additional gallons were also recovered, according to a statement from Lt. Scott Fairfield of the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force, known as L.A. IMPACT. 

A month-long investigation based on intel from the L.A. Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly led to a local gang member who was involved in PCP (phencyclidine) manufacturing.

The investigation revealed national PCP distribution via commercial package delivery companies, and suspicious packages addressed to locations in Texas were intercepted. "Investigators detected a chemical odor emitting from these boxes, and tests later confirmed that each box contained approximately three gallons of PCP," Fairfield said.


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Michael Jackson estate sues the King of Pop's former manager

Michael Jackson arrives on stage during his 'HiStory' concert tour held in New York in 1997
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

On Friday, the estate of Michael Jackson sued the performer's former manager, Tohme R. Tohme.

The ex-advisor, who worked with Jackson from Jan. 2008 until Mar. 2009, is accused of influencing the Grammy-winning megastar to sign "unconscionable contracts" for self-serving financial gain during the final years of the singer's life.

The contracts in question include a self-negotiated producer’s fee for a series of comeback concerts in London, and a debt-related Neverland Ranch deal.

The estate wants Jackson's missing property and financial records returned, as well as a ruling that keeps Tohme away from the estate's money. 

Tohme claims he is owed a percentage of the millions collected by the estate in the time since Jackson's death. It is believed he will file his own lawsuit.



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