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Councilmember says, "It's Okay to Break Laws"

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LA City Councilman Greig Smith says if you don't like a law, feel free to violate it, as long as you offer a rationale. The Daily News, says, "In a direct challenge to the Department of Water and Power, Smith announced Wednesday he is violating the twice-weekly watering limitations -- and believes he is saving more water by doing so."

-- If I sweep the street in front of my house every week myself, may I not pay the ticket I'll get for breaking the streetsweeping parking restrictions?

-- The cops aren't doing enough to stop people from using their cellphones while driving, constituting a public hazard. My solution: shoot paintballs at their cars for easy identification by police later. It doesn't hurt anyone, and it aids public safety.

-- If the streets are jammed, drive on the sidewalk! Rationale: I'm in a hurry and people need more exercise for their quick-reflex muscles.

What is especially cool about this is that there are a lot of smart people in Southern California who know what's best for everyone. In just a few years, LA will be a Utopia.

So remember, next time you're pulled over by the LAPD or the CHP, explain your rationale, and tell 'em, "Don't worry officer, Councilmember Smith said it was A-OK!"

Do you have laws you'd like to break? Please add them in the comments below, and don't forget your rationale! That makes it okay.

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(Photo: Greig Smith watering the lawn of his house, c. 1905. Credit: C.C. Pierce & Co./LA Public Library.)