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Hide the cognac and put your daughters in the cellar! Napoléon is coming!

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Some very cool stuff is coming to Muzeo in Anaheim, starting October 11. (Muzeo bills itself as "Southern California’s newest museum." It’s at 241 S. Anaheim Blvd. 92805.) They’re bringing in hundreds of articles with a connection to Napoleon, including personal effects of the infamous Corsican, like, according to Muzeo:

-- the earliest known letter in his hand
-- his camp bed from the Battle of Wagram (Napoleon actually slept here!)
-- the valise that brought him the signed Louisiana Purchase documents from America
-- the sword used to proclaim him Emperor at Notre Dame Cathedral
-- his personal map of the French Empire (with Michelin stars!)
-- the clothes he wore soon before his death
-- the first will he wrote during exile on the desolate island of St. Helena
-- the centerpiece of the exhibit, one of the hats he wore during the Battle of Essling in 1809.

The antiquities come from Pierre-Jean Chalencon and Dr. Howard Knohl, and this is the only West Coast stop for the touring exhibit. It’s here into early January.