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Perspective on Southern California Rainstorm

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With my roof leaking in my living room and probably my garage (I don’t have the heart to look), and the dogs tracking in mud for the next three days, I was looking for some perspective.

And I found it in the UCLA online photo archive.

This one was published March 25, 1948, with the caption: "Amphibious. Tow truck pushes stalled taxi across water-filled intersection at 5th and Flower Sts. during yesterday's rainstorm. Another taxi, at left, skidded from street into parking lot. Public Library in background."

This happened to me once. I drove my car into a flooded intersection during a downpour in St Paul. It sounds stupid, but unless you know neighborhoods, you don't know how deep an intersection can dip. The car filled with water and stalled. I had the good sense to shift into neutral, jump out the window (leaving the door closed and an extra foot of water OUTside), and push it back to higher ground. It started, luckily, but I spent weeks drying it out.