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Reasons to be Cheerful, from Michael Sigman

My friend Michael Sigman honored us by asking for “best of Off-Ramp” nominations for his series of “Reasons to be Cheerful” on his Huffington Post Blog.

You’ll have to go there to read mine – if I even made the final cut -- but I loved that he included Off-Ramp star Mateo Stoneman.

Michael writes:

“This thirty-something blond white guy from New Hampshire -- nee Matthew Stoneman -- sings hundreds of classic mariachis and scores of his own tunes with the voice of an angel. His guitar playing is trance-like, and if there's a piano around he might play his trumpet with his right hand and the keyboard with his left. You can find him doing his troubadour thing all over L.A.'s East Side or hear him on his CD 12 Canciones, which has sold more than 40,000 copies on the web and in the streets and restaurants of L.A. and Havana, where Mateo records and plays with members of the Buena Vista Social Club and other stalwarts.”

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