LA Art Show opens at LA Convention Center

The 2010 LA Art Show opened Wednesday night. (KPCC is a media sponsor.)

We spotted Eli Broad when we arrived, but didn’t have time to chat. We also spotted (or checked) a theme: houndstooth.

I know the guy on the left is more of a plaid, but it makes for a good picture. Yes, that’s an ascot. I was trying to be arty.

It was also good to see that my brother-in-law Larry DeBoever was not fibbing when he said there’s a famous artist in the family …

… the decadent Jan Frans DeBoever. Just look how decadent he is, pinching his own cheek!

Jan Frans DeBoever is from Ghent, and pronounced it dih-BOOV. Larry lives in Dallas with my sister Clare and says dih-BOH-ver. Which is no worse, I guess, than the way we treat the name Rabe.

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