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Rabe’s photo essay from Venice Beach – no weirdos, I promise.

My sister in law Patty (right, below) came to LA last weekend with her friend Sherri (left, below) and, since they’re from Michigan where the average temp right now is -273 F, they wanted to hit Venice Beach…

We spent a lot of time just breathing the sea air and saying, “Mmmm. This is nice.” And them asking me why I didn’t come out to the beach more often. I didn’t have a good answer.

Then, we checked out the skate park and the two moms (Patty and Sherri) winced every time they saw a little kid on a skateboard without a helmet. Then, the souvenir crap strip, and then, happily, a walk by the beach houses and down a few quiet lanes along the canals.

Here are the rest of the shots, taken with my Hipstamatic app.

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